4-Way, 2-Pack: Pair Shaped Live Exhibition Opens in LA on 8/22

By August 10, 2015


Presented by Pair Shaped

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OPENING: Saturday, August 22, 2015_7-11pm

Unit M3, Second Floor
440 South Broadway
Los Angeles, CA 90013


Artist duos Chris Adler & Alison Edmark and Emma Kemp and Daniel Wroe (a.k.a. Earl Gravy) transfer their call-and-response collaboration from web-based series (see Series 10) to floor space, operating from a vacant commercial property located in downtown Los Angeles.

Similar to the development of the online series, the exhibition will build through alternating shifts, with each team taking turns to assemble areas of the space according to a floor plan consisting of several partitioned rooms. Upon the completion of each “work”, its makers will document the product in a professional ‘in-house’ photo studio. The next team is then free to incorporate and manipulate works established in prior shifts. A collaboration which accommodates the collapse and destruction of its labor, which welcomes cannibalism, evolution, and thusly obsoletion via a tag-team approach, parallels modes of production exemplified most flagrantly in both the political and commercial arena; just as one technology consumes and displaces another, evolution leads us through the centre of the cycle of consumption, riding the waves of positive Purchase Power and inevitable decline. The retaining of the perfect picture, the flawless, web-ready advertisement for the individual piece before being dirtied by human intervention is a way of holding time, erasing the subject in exchange for preserving the object’s immaculate death mask.

Emergent methodologies are expected to include an inscrutable attention to surface; appropriation of advertising tropes found in ‘stock imagery’ and superfluous goods; pattern and repetition characteristic of commercial media—all this combined with decomposition, sebaceous oils, stains and the messiness of humans in their relationship to “stuff”.

The transition from “on-screen” to “in-person” demands the consideration of a multi-sensory experience one where latencies, shadows, stray smells from the fry shop downstairs will defy the containment of color-correction and approximated sunlight, instead basking in the flux of their being. If the shininess of screens and mirrors is a sign of their ambivalence, it serves only to further laud the spectacle of perfection obediently seeking recognition through the smeared thumbprint of the device’s human proprietor.

Viewings by appointment only through August 28th.

Beverage provided by Angel City Brewery.

We’re looking forward to seeing everyone there!

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