Carla Harris

Born in Indianapolis, IN, but raised traveling the globe as the child of a military officer, Carla Harris’ social and artistic development was impacted tremendously by the atmosphere of geopolitical and natural environments. As a photographer, she defines herself as an artistic anthropologist. Ever since childhood, Harris has taken great pleasure in small details that go unnoticed. She fervently believes that life’s visual intricacies reflect fundamental aspects of personal, spatial and temporal identities. While those identities are constantly maturing and evolving, the genre of photography has the power to capture humanity in an exact moment, transforming a fleeting impulse into a lasting statement.

Carla Harris has been working in photography for over 10 years. After receiving a degree in Media Studies from the University of Virginia, she travelled to New York to begin a career in photography and graphic design. Harris’ work can be found in myriad public and private art collections throughout the United States. She currently lives and works in Los Angeles, CA.