Tony Cleasby

For years now, I’ve been obsessed with the concept of narrative. It can encompass stories, lives, random details, work-a-day whatnots, and grand epics about parting seas/splitting atoms/waking up in the morning. Its structure and form has no bounds. I’ve taken on the subject academically, professionally, drunkenly, creatively, somnambulistically–the works. From examples like Moby Dick to email chains to my own strange doings, narrative threads together disparate elements into something worthy of investigation. My aim is to harness the power of narrative in new and transformative ways. I observe. I read. I write. I wander. I work. I stumble. Then, I assemble and reassemble what I find with whatever tools are at hand to develop new narratives, as well as tap into the larger social and cultural currents streaming and crashing in around me.

Oh, and I’m originally from Colorado. My favorite color is Aqua Velva. Yes.


17 December 2014

P.S. Genesis

We had both just moved to new cities. Rovers in need of new environs. One of us, a writer, tramped off to Chicago. The other, a visual artist, landed in Los Angeles. Phone calls ensued. We wanted to collaborate on. . . something. Long conversations surveyed a range of ideas, including inquiries into the areas of medium and practice. They also involved… Read More