Kohl King

Kohl King was born in India, immigrating to the United States at an early age, living in over six states and several more cities. She earned her BFA in Drawing and Painting from the University of Georgia, a MFA from the University of Arizona and studied Conceptual and Installation Art at The Cooper Union School, New York.

Currently King lives and works in Los Angeles. Her work is drawn from psychology–primarily understanding and resolving relational natures and conflicts. By combining non-traditional but symbolic materials within a composition (2d or 3d), she creates situations where relationships between the various elements can either co-exist independently, symbiotically, parasitically, or at times, reflect their determined and/ or conflicting natures.

She works in a variety of media…but most are chosen because of their immediate tangibility and because they are very accessible, affordable and non-toxic. For her, the work is a direct interpretation and reflection of how she navigates in the world both internally and externally with others as well as within environs. She does not believe in randomness and is a big fan of the maths and sciences as further validation of the spiritual.