Jessica Raetzke

In lieu of list of accomplishments, exhibitions, and publications, here is a list of subjects relevant to my work and life: college-rule notebooks, pencilĀ shavings, graph paper, good pens, blue ink, narrative, old book smell, short story anthologies, 19th century illustrations with animals, documentary, biographical fiction, weather forecasts, the coast, someone in water, the Pacific, the Atlantic, Lake Michigan, water (frozen, flowing, cold), landscape, place, person in space, walkabout, looking, leering, voyeurism, overheard conversations, mementos, postcards, care packages, grandfather clocks, lamp light, tablecloths, green, azure, 18% gray, atmosphere, collections, collectors, collecting, photographs, photographs of birds/dogs/people making photographs, benches, houses vs. homes, naps, place markers, marginalia, lists.