Dana L. Walker

The daughter of an artist/art educator, Walker has been creating photographic images since she was 8 or 9 years old. She received her formal training in photography at ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena, CA, worked for several years creating images for commercial use, and eventually returned to her practice of art photography.

Walker’s work deals with elements of time, fragments of memories, gesture, color, texture… remnants of past, present, future. Using photographic medium, she creates portraits of real or re-imagined spaces, composed, constructed, or abstracted to create new compositions.

Walker is inspired by a number of artists including Mark Rothko, Edward Hopper, Uta Barth, Hiroshi Sugimoto and her father, artist Larry M. Walker.

During the day, Walker works as the Managing Director, Public Programs, and Director, ArtCenter at Night, at ArtCenter College of Design. She lives in La Crescenta with her husband.