Weston Lyon

“By the age of 11, I had lived all over the state including Bee Cave, which in 2007 was declared the West Pole of Earth by Texas legislation. At some point along the way, colored pencils and TV started making a lot of sense. I quickly struck a relationship between my happenings as a teenager with doodles on printer paper, and the early days of the internet. This was the basis for a lot going forward. I think now, the bulk of what I do is symptomatic of the projects I surround myself with. I try to be of time rather than in it. Down the line, I hope to better understand the things I now take part in, though I never wish to fully grasp them.” – w 12/13/14 (Glassell Park)

09 January 2015

Cues From Outside

Now having helped launch Pair Shaped, and looking to focus on the various ways our contributors respond to one another through their work, I find myself investigating the methodologies and practices of other established artists. Specifically, how can preexisting methods apply to the task of sustaining a multidisciplinary output between two or more collaborators over… Read More

17 December 2014

P.S. Genesis

We had both just moved to new cities. Rovers in need of new environs. One of us, a writer, tramped off to Chicago. The other, a visual artist, landed in Los Angeles. Phone calls ensued. We wanted to collaborate on. . . something. Long conversations surveyed a range of ideas, including inquiries into the areas of medium and practice. They also involved… Read More