Into the Fray: Our Contributors Begin Showing Work

By February 25, 2015

After months of planning, plotting, kicking, screaming, guffawing, trialing, erring, celebrating, and staving off madness, Pair Shaped officially cuts the ribbon as a full-fledged arts platform. Following an initial soft launch period that began last December and featured our first series of pieces by Weston Lyon and Tony Cleasby, we have since whittled behind the scenes to finalize an inaugural publication schedule for exhibiting series created by artists from a variety of different backgrounds and disciplines.

And so, without additional ado, we announce the start of Series 2 showcasing the work of Heather Sten (photographer) and April Wolfe (writer):

Accented by needling wry humor, Series 2 subverts traditional representations of body, form, and perspective found in male-oriented pop history narratives. Capturing “women on the brink” in controlled spaces that “reek of potential energy”, Heather Sten’s tensely composed, subtly unhinging images present a destabilized banality pried open by April Wolfe’s missive ruminations on endlessly mediated relationships and broadcasted invasions of the self. The correspondence between calculated image and frenetic word culminates in a restless sickness unable to deter a declaration that “‘release’ is a funny word, because we never really let go.”

Featured in publications such as Aint-Bad Magazine and Golly, Heather Sten brings a number of photography projects to her credit, including the “Before the Rain series, as well as portrait photography for Out.

With pieces appearing in Vice, Good, Flaunt, Snap Judgment, as well as a number of other titles and programs, April Wolfe is an accomplished writer, filmmaker and radio storyteller currently working on projects in Los Angeles.

The opening entries of Series 2 are on display now. New entries will be released every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday until the series ends on March 9th.

Expect more word soon on future Pair Shaped series and happenings. Our protean platform carries onward. With increasing numbers of contributors and followers daily expressing interest in our doings, we hope everyone will continue to help share and explore what we have to offer.

Stay tuned. We proudly promise you that we have absolutely no idea how this is going to turn out.

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