Recap So Far: The Launch Continues…

By January 11, 2015

Now three weeks into our initial launch period, we just wanted to thank everyone again for following and supporting us! If you haven’t already, check out the following from Pair Shaped:

Series 1

All the characters and scenes captured in this series engage in the loss and weight of expectation. Treading in liminal spaces between the familiar and alien, real and unreal, the featured subjects draw on fragments of fear and possibility to negotiate encounters with the veiled unknown and experience of living in the moments after.

P.S. Genesis 

Inaugural blog entry documenting our origins and objectives. Starting with long distance phone calls surveying the various aspects of the artistic process, Pair Shaped emerges as a concept for convening artists of all types to take part in creative dialogue. Experimental art and hijinks ensue. Read more in this entry about our founding philosophy.

Cues from Outside

Weston Lyon discusses established artists Jennifer Steinkamp and Francis Alÿs as practitioners looking to external environments and collaborators in order to carry projects into previously

unexplored creative territory.

Instagram Feed

Visual journal and complement to our published series work. We’re building up a curated collection of images tracking our interests, inspirations, surroundings, and trajectories. Visit our gallery profile. See what develops…

Also, check us out on facebook and twitter at @pairshapedart

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Stay tuned. More to come–

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