We support art as a creative dialogue across all disciplines and mediums. Through critical engagement with each other’s output and practice, our contributors take part in developing original series of works for greater community discussion. The resulting confluence of methods and aesthetics, possibilities and discoveries, reveals new ways of thinking about narrative, presentation, commentary, and process. Call and response. Share and explore. Pair and shape. Art is not bound by type or means. It is our aim to bring together artists, established and emerging, to generate something vital, something hybrid, something not yet realized, and always evolving.


1). Two or more artists from different disciplines participate in a share-and-response exchange, or creative dialogue, of original work.

2). These work entries are collected into fully realized series based on developed ideas and themes.

3). Series are published one entry per day on our website for people to consider and engage.

More artists connect. People discover new work. The process continues…

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