Our Process

We provided a platform for artists of all types to take part in creative dialogue. Groups consisting of one or more contributors from different disciplines and/or mediums engaged in a share-and-response exchange, or dialogue, of original work. At the end of a dialogue, the works were collected into a series and showcased one entry per day on our website.

Here’s an example of how the process worked:

  1. Contributor 1 (Writer) shared an original piece of short fiction with a photographer she’s collaborating with on a series;
  2. Contributor 2 (Photographer) responded to the piece with an original image entry related in concept, subject, or theme;
  3. Contributor 1 answered, in turn, to the provided image with a new piece of fiction, building on ideas beginning to develop as the series evolved from one entry to the next;
  4. This process continued between the paired contributors until the dialogue concluded (average series length: 6-10 total entries);
  5. After the contributors evaluated and refined their collected works (as needed), they submited the complete series to Pair Shaped for review and publication.

Guidelines & Recommendations


  • Artists from all disciplines and mediums were welcome;
  • One or more individuals made up a group of artists;
  • Every series featured submission entries based in different disciplines and/or mediums by two groups of artists;
  • Series consisted of text, image, video, and/or audio entries formatted for online display;
  • Members stayed within their chosen group throughout the development of a given series (i.e., members could not change groups in the middle of a series);
  • Groups could not accept new members after work on a series had officially begun;
  • Depending on the availability of other artists in our network, we paired contributors with other collaborators;
  • All entries need to be original work not previously featured in a printed publication, website, or physical exhibition space.


We provided the following entry length recommendations to help manage and focus the creative dialogue between groups of artists:

  • 6-10 total entries per series
  • 1000 word maximum for written entries
  • 1 image submission per each photographic entry
  • 5 minute length maximum for video and/or audio entries

Notes: Participants were allowed to deviate and experiment from the above recommendations if they found a different approach that would produce a better series.

How to Get Involved: Fill out a Participation Request

  1. Interested artists reviewed our Guidelines & Recommendations
  2. Potential participants filled out a Participation Request online form. They were asked to provide the following:
    • – Name, email address and primary artistic discipline(s) (e.g., creative fiction, photography, interpretative dance, etc.);
    • – Web address for online portfolios -or- single .pdf featuring samples of past creative work:
      • – For photography: 5-10 images
      • – For video and/or written/text-based work: provide 2-3 pieces
    • – List of artistic influences and interests
    • – Number of artists that participants planned to work with on a series -or- if they wanted to submit a request for assistance to find collaborators;
    • – Desired start date for beginning a series.
  3. We would then get back to the potential participants upon reviewing the submitted request form

Submission of Completed Series:

Once request forms were approved and completed series entries were ready for submission, we required the participants to review the following questions:

Content Evaluation

  • Does your series show formal and/or thematic development over the course of multiple entries?
  • How do the disciplines and mediums employed in your series serve and enhance each other?
  • Does your series follow our entry length recommendations? If not, why? How does the series benefit from adopting a different approach?
  • Can you imagine additional entries? If so, how do they look, feel, read, and/or sound? This exercise will help you consider overall series structure and framing. Does the series still seem complete? Should something be added/removed?

Submitted work entered a review and revision phase involving our team engaging with the artists responsible for the series. Launch dates for the series were announced upon a determination that the work was ready for publication.